“Learning to cook is one of the most important skills to have because then you have the power over what food you choose and who cooks it. Corporations are terrible at making food” Michael Pollan, Author of “The Omnivores Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food: an Eaters Manifesto”

As a rule of thumb, I usually use all fresh organic ingredients unless otherwise specified. My vegetables are either from Farmer’s Markets grown in local organic farms, or are store bought yet certified organic. My beef and lamb dishes are all grass fed organic product, usually from farms I have visited myself. My pork dishes are made with pork either from local farms, or store bought where that have met high standards standards of no hormones, antibiotics, raised humanely, and checked by outside third party evaluators. My chicken dishes are all certified organic, and the eggs I use, if not from a reputable local organic farm, are store bought certified organic and free roaming. I tried to use fresh herbs whenever possible.

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