Dr Laura Delizonna: Stanford University “Happiness” Instructor

June 2012 Update: Laura has a 2 hour workshop at Stanford, this upcoming Tuesday June 5th at 7pm  For more details and registration info click here

I’ve known Dr. Laura Delizonna  since high school, through my younger sister.  I hadn’t seen or heard of what Laura had been up to in years until I signed up for her “Choosing Happiness” class through Stanford University’s Adult Continuing Education class  6 years ago.  I was right out of treatment from my stem cell transplant nightmare and had what seemed to me like the world’s worst case of “chemo brain” ever.  In my efforts to counteract all my “chemo brain” issues, I began taking a lot of classes, trying to re engage my brain at the different university’s around here.  I didn’t even realize I “knew” the teacher when I signed up for the 6 week class, so imagine my surprise when I walked in day 1 and recognized her from high school.  I am so glad I enrolled, her classes and seminars are  awesome, and you learn a lot of applicable tools to use in your everyday life.

Dr Delizonna is a really inspirational teacher with a lot of enthusiasm for the subject matter she teaches and it shows.  She has quite the following now, with her classes through Stanford University’s Continuing Education program, being some of the most popular,  quickly filling  to capacity, having  wait lists.  The last class I attended had grown to the size of a small auditorium.

Laura Delizonna’s  Stanford program has now expanded to a  3 part quarterly series in “applied positive psychology”, covering “Emotional Intelligence”, “Social Intelligence” and “Happiness”.   In addition to her teaching and  busy clinical psychology practice, Laura travels the lecture circuit nationally and internationally,  speaking on a number of “Positive Psychology” subject matters.  In the San Francisco Bay area she has recently held seminars and programs at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco as well as the Stillheart Institute and Retreat Center in Woodside, California.

In the next upcoming months I would recommend you check out “Choosing Happiness”, Dr Delizonna’s class at Stanford University this Fall 2011.    Each week the students are given practical assignments, applying principles learned in class, to their personal and professional lives.  Many students, including me, have taken this class more than once, getting more out of each time. The new added bonus to this quarter’s class,  is that Dr Delizonna is co teaching  with Ted Anstedt , whom I have met.   Ted is just an amazing teacher with an incredible wealth of information and life experience to share.  Ted has spent the past twenty years creating and delivering workshops for major companies across the US, Canada and Europe related to positive psychology and emotional intelligence.  Laura’s background is equally impressive, having received her Ph’d from Boston University, and having been a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.

To learn more about the Fall 2011 quarter class,  course text and what you can expect to get out of the class, check out the link here.

For more information about Dr Laura Delizonna, you can also check out her website at www.choosinghappiness.org or read a recent online interview with her here at Sevenpods blog.




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