“Happier Families”, 2 hour workshop, June 5th, 7pm Stanford University


I’ve previously blogged about Dr Laura Delizonna and her 3 part positive psychology classes through Stanford Adult Continuing Education.  During this special 2 hour workshop on June 5th,  Dr Delizonna will be taking her research in positive psychology and applying it to the family system during a special 2 hour workshop titled “Happy Families: Applying the Science of Positive Psychology to Help Families Thrive”.

Full disclosure, Dr Laura and I are long time good friends, but as someone who knows her well, I can assure you this amazing woman is the real deal.  This workshop is targeted to families and individuals interested in taking their relationships and  familial dynamics to the next level.

Laura is an internationally recognized speaker and expert on positive psychology and happiness,  teaching individuals, as well as at universities and companies around the globe, the skills necessary to obtain higher levels of happiness and satisfaction they experience in their daily lives and personal relationships.    As an engaging speaker and teacher, Laura never fails to entertain, provide  laughter, and create an enjoyable learning environment.  She  not only speaks from the heart , she truly does “walk her talk” in how she lives her own personal and professional life, utilizing the  skills  and zest for life she teaches.

Laura’s next upcoming 2 hour workshop, is this Tuesday evening, June 5th  from 7pm to 9pm at the Stanford Recreational Activities Center (SCRA).  During the two hour workshop, Dr Laura will explore and discuss the skills “Happy Families” need to navigate through life and flourish, utilizing the new science of evidence based positive psychology. Each family team member will begin to learn how to “self-coach” as well as become a supportive member of the family team.  A happiness handbook developed exclusively for the workshop and worksheets for self coaching between workshops guide participants through actual behavior.

  • Building your family’s strengths
  • Increased positivity
  • Coping skills to deal with stress
  • Improving overall family relationships

The 3  topics covered are:

  1. The STRENGTH zone: Building on your best
  2. The POSITIVE shift: Enhancing  joy, gratitude, and zest
  3. The FAMILY bond: Creating flourishing relationships


Cost is $20 for non members, and $10 for members.  You can register prior to the event at the bottom of page here.  For more informational about Laura you can read my previous blog post from this past August 2011, or visit her website at www.choosinghappiness.com .  For more info through Stanford University you may contact steve.robe@stanford.edu 650-736-7272 option #3

                                                                                        Dr  Laura Delizonna Phd









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